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Persons of Interest
Eric Wollman – Guitar
Jim Donica – Bass
Peter Grant – Drums

Somethin Jazz
212 E 52nd st
Thursday April 3
$12.00 cover

Persons of interest
Eric  Wollman -Guitar
Jim Donica – Bass
Peter Grant -Drums
Somethin Jazz  
212 E 52nd st NY NY
Thursday Sept 19  7- 8;45

Eric Wollman Trio
Eric Wollman – Guitar 
Steve Count- Bass 
Tony Savasta- Drums

Shapeshifter lab  
18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn NN  
Sat Oct 12 9;30

Persons of  Interest
Eric Wollman- Guitar
Jim Donica –  Bass
Peter Grant – Drums 
Somethin Jazz 212 E 52nd st Thursday Nov 19 7-8:45


Quantum Mechanics will be performing  
at the Katy West Houston Jazz Festival

Woody Witt ( Sax, Compositions )
Eric Wollman (Guitar, Compositions)
Jim Donica ( Bass, Compositions)
Peter Grant( Drums)

VIP Reception 4/25
Concert 4/26
Clinics 4/27


Quantum Mechanics at Small’s
183 west 10th st NYC Thursday Feb 2
10:00- 12:00

Woody Witt -Sax
Eric Wollman- Guitar
Jim Donica- Bass
Peter Grant-Drums

Jack and Luna’s  Cafe 
3928  Main st Stoneridge NY  Sat Feb 4
7:30 and 9:00

Woody Witt-Sax
Eric Wollman-Guitar
Jim Donica- Bass
Chris Bowman- Drums


Quantum Mechanics Fall Tour Schedule

Woody Witt – Sax 
Eric Wollman – Guitar 
Jim Donica – Bass 
Peter Grant – Drums

9/21/12   Greensboro College {Greensboro, NC}
9/23/12    Double Door {Charlotte, NC}
9/29/12    House Concert {The Woodlands, TX }
9/30/12    Cezanne {Houston, TX}
10/1/12    Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church {Houston, TX}
10/2/12   Houston Community College {Houston, TX}
10/3/12    Moores School of Music {Houston, TX}

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