“STEALTH COMPROMISED” is a solid, sensational album from the American guitar wizard ERIC WOLLMAN!  Rich in ideas, majestic musicianship, excellent compositions and crystal sound production, this is a must-own CD.  Wollman has something unique to say.  His tremendous legato lines and odd-time measures will thrill fans of high quality fusion. The solos are flowing and the overall sound is lush, making for engrossing and satisfying listening.  This is difficult and complex fusion executed with skill, dexterity and creativity by all involved.  There’s an electric alchemy among the players and an evident sincere passion for high quality fusion music.  From “Bravo Tango Kilo” to “Bells,” all the songs caress our ears.  By the end of the album, we have the feeling that we’ve discovered something exciting. Guitar fans will feel that they’ve made an excellent musical discovery and will desire to play the CD again and again.  Hats off to a sensational guitar player offering something really fresh and inspired in today’s fusion music world!
Ovidiu Dumitrescu
Host, “For the Love of Guitar” radio show

What Critics Say About Eric Wollman’s
East Coast Shoes

“Eric is a blend of traditional jazz sensibilities, as well as contemporary fusion exploration.  While tipping his hat to Allan Holdsworth, Eric takes it all one step further, and raises the heated improvisational territory to the boiling point!  A first-class jazz/fusion guitarist for 2000 and beyond!”
HHGI Online magazine

“This guitar, bass and drum trio goes where many fans of Holdsworth would have liked to have seen him continue. …excellent improvisation…exceptional songwriting…. Guitarists should not miss this one!”
Fuse magazine

“East Coast Shoes is inspiring, sophisticated and just plain beautiful.  Without question, one of the best the guitar-oriented CDs I’ve ever heard.  Eric’s playing is as natural as breathing.  Each note he plays is absolute perfection.  His playing can make you laugh and cry at the same time.”
New York Pro magazine

“East Coast Shoes will certainly thrill the fusion guitar fan as well as indulge the need for creative composition.”
Guitar Nine Records



Guitarist Eric Wollman creates some intriguing sounds with his guitar on this trio album with bassist Jim Donica and drummer Peter Grant. Like compatriot Bill Frisell, Wollman appears to be focusing on the texture of tone here and not on chops as his pieces “On The Fence” and “On the Mild Side” express the mood of the entire album of sublime pastoral atmospheres of six stringed affects. Space is a sound as well, as Donica’s “The Ring” and “Quantum Leap” use pauses between both stringed instruments for melodious effect, while the closing “ What?” is the most collaborative, as Grant’s stick work moves the tune forward, while most of the time providing thoughtful support and framework. Impressive textures produced here.

—  George Harris

Jazz Weekly


This is the fourth trio offering from Eric Wollman and again we are spoiled with a remarkable fusion release!  From the first cut we are struck by this amazing artist’s unbelievable musical skill in a highly sophisticated genre.  His improvisation is remarkably fluid, his interpretation marvelous, not to mention the beauty of his sound.  There’s a strong alchemy among Wollman, Jim Donica on bass and Peter Grant on drums.  Each has plenty of room to express all his talents and their interaction is dynamic.  The cuts run from high energy to meditative and each draws you into its sound and mood.  You just want to listen and listen again, each time hearing something new and nuanced.

A great musical experience, this CD is a magical journey of the highest caliber possible in the world of instrumental fusion!  The listener’s satisfaction is total!  Kudos for a remarkably strong album from one of the most impressive guitarists I’ve ever heard!

Ovidiu Dumitrescu

Host, “For the Love of Guitar” Radio Show

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